Jane Fonda
The “Myth” of Hanoi Jane

February 11, 2013

Hanoi Jane a myth?


Hanoi Jane a myth?

Hanoi "SureShot" Janelibertyyes.homestead.com

Two young obsessively ambitious Leftist stars on the make: money, fame and power colored a bright Red. Who says you can’t be a rich & famous anti-capitalist? For other examples, please refer to virtually every profile on this website.


Hanoi Jane’s full sick, subversive, corrupt story goes back decades and literally fills books. The famous movie star father, all that personal achievement, all those millions, the artistic renown, the best plastic surgery money can buy,  every luxury, every privilege, every honor, everything her all-American life has provided her, and Jane can’t stop fantasizing sleeping with the most flea-ridden anti-American enemy her warped imagination can summon. The French call it Nostalgia de la Boue (nostalgia for the mud), and Jane’s got it bad. Not content to wallow in it herself, she feels compelled like most of her wealthy, bored Limo Lib cohorts to drag everyone else down into it with her.  With the assistance of an always eager Barbara Walters to drop her sordid past down a memory hole, Jane waves aside her well-documented Vietnam War treason as  “the myth of Hanoi Jane.” Even with every elitist perk in existence and the entire Liberal intelligentsia in her dark clammy corner, it must all catch up with Jane as it does with all Dorian Grays.

If beauty is only skin-deep, then one shudders contemplating what really lurks below this surface.

Hanoi Jane-Portrait in the Attic

Hanoi Jane-Portrait in the Attic

Picture of Dorian Jane

Picture of Dorian Jane

“Am I the best…or what?!” Another rhetorical question from someone who never deigns to hear a truthful answer…especially since the kindest, most truthful answer is “What.”


Hanoi Jane a myth?


Girls just wanna have fun...

Girls just wanna have fun…

All better now.  Or as another master dissembler announced(not asked): “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Another unsolicited, maddeningly unwelcome answer from millions of well-justified Jane Fonda detractors: “Telling the truth makes all the difference.” Some spoiled 70-something Hollywood brats just can’t stop thinking they are above all that.


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