UPDATE 6/24/22:  It’s so unfair to accuse the illegally installed mush brain of being just a brain-dead puppet for the real string-pullers with very bad plans for the country. Who would dare make such an accusation?

UPDATE 6/22/22: It’s an old political adage that where there’s a little girl to paw or with hair to sniff, creepy old whisperers go there. 


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)

UPDATE 6/24/22: As of this week, the creature who won’t leave has publicly said she’s leaving for good [good!!] out of devotion to Biden (whom she well knows is getting cut loose by Dem powers as of 2024). We’ll believe the glad tidings when we’re all past the point where this serial conniver can no longer suddenly step forward out of so-called retirement and generously, selflessly agree to rescue her leaderless Party. Meanwhile, we wish her all the best and pray never to see her again.

Likeable enough according to at least One…but not really.






UPDATE 6/24/22: One can’t be a communist billionaire these days without subscribing to all the new trends in Woke faddishness. The Pritzkers from Chicago are now giving huge sums of money to gender bending causes, and one of them has now transitioned from being James to Jennifer.

Jennifer nee James Pritzker, America’s first trans billionaire.


UPDATE 6/24/22: Desperate Liz appears on the verge of getting kicked out of office at the primary stage. Has it been worth it, dearie? Are Wyomingians about to lose a Republican and gain a Democrat?

UPDATE 6/24/22: Bill Barr has hit bottom and undoubtedly going lower to ingratiate himself to the real insurrectionists staging their show trials.

Right at home.



SUPREMES-Different faces, still a Leftist Weird Sister act



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