UPDATE 6/24/22: One can’t be a communist billionaire these days without subscribing to all the new trends in Woke faddishness. The Pritzkers from Chicago are now giving huge sums of money to gender bending causes, and one of them has now transitioned from being James to Jennifer.

Jennifer nee James Pritzker, America’s first trans billionaire.

ORIGINAL POST 3/20/13: Another super-duper-rich Obama crony, bound for DC,  Cabinethood and yet MORE power and insider influence to expand her personal & family billions.  For her seamy history as a classic Crony Capitalist supreme, Obama money bundler extraordinaire, Swindler Royale & Regal Ruiness of 1400 investors’ nest eggs through her very own Superior Bank Subprime finagle,  Ms. Pritzker is going to Washington. One has to hand it to these people for persistence. In 2008, she was considered too controversial [spelled c-r-o-o-k-e-d]   for a Cabinet post. Now she’s about to become the distinguished Mme. Secretary. What a country!

Class tells…or doesn’t. All those billions, Chicago and the Obamas in her Big Purse…and still…decked out like Al Capone’s kid sister.

No class, all cunning.
The Chicago Way: buy it.

Awash in motherlove: Penny/Valerie/Michelle, the estrogen tripod propping up Baby Barack.

Testosterone-Free Zone
Testosterone-Free Zone

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