UPDATE 1/27/22: Take only a slightly deeper look at the most Woke rich celebs and corporate types wildly virtue signaling their Wokeness, and you’ll find a closet full of decidedly unWoke skeletons. Mars, Nike, Unilever are just a few examples of those financial behemoths posturing and pandering madly as Social Justice Warriors. Not surprisingly the conditions of their employees in Chinese or African slave labor camps are less than utopian.



UPDATE 1/23/22: It’s rare one can find common ground with an Obama, but he was right on mark when he stated, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up.” Couldn’t agree more. It’s full speed ahead!  for this “outperforming” worst of the worst, and thanks to that truism, we’ll be rid of him even before it’s really good for the country. 


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)



UPDATE 1/24/22: Remember AIDS? We are reminded of Tony F. back then telling us all that everyone was going to get it just by being in the same room with those gay lepers. And yet, decades later, he’s the highest paid hustler on the U.S. Treasury payroll, and The Man Who Is The Science. And then there’s also the little matter of being a Covid profiteer. And why not? Create and perpetuate a crisis? What would be the point if you don’t make hay out of it?

Life is certainly not fair, especially when those who commit the worst crimes don’t pay for them. The moral universe will never seem right again in our lifetimes until the real origins and motives of Fauci/Collins & Co. are fully exposed and undeniable. 







UPDATE 1/27/22: It remains a fathomless mystery why some consider George Soros a humanitarian when he has made the destruction of America his life’s mission. How does one explain his focused bankrolling of radical District Attorneys in all our major cities: Gascon in  LA, Boudin in Frisco and now NY with Adams’ hug-a-thug comrade Bragg?  How would George explain his support of anarchy to the widow of a murdered cop?

Not surprisingly, the Jewish former Nazi operative is just now on record having donated $125 million to America’s Party of Crime currently headed up by the Brandon administration. There is no doubt whatsoever the money will be used to good effect by a cabal that demonstrably shares George’s own determination to ruin us.

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