UPDATE 12/10/21: It’s been said with some accuracy that politics are just downstream of culture, presently evidenced by recent Kennedy Center honorees unable to contain their mindless robotic hatred of all things Trump. Glorying in the achievements of the first Kennedy Center honorees-Richard Rodgers, Marian Anderson, Fred Astaire, George Balanchine and Arthur Rubinstein-is light years in the past. The thrill then lay not only in their great artistic attainments but also that all were proud Americans and mindful of what that unique privilege allowed them to accomplish. That great art always transcends politics and can and should bridge the legitimate differences between people is totally lost on this current Woke artsy crowd. Whatever talent they’ve displayed is despoiled by their stupidity…and total lack of class.  

O for the good old days….




Just in case we forget who the real Bidens are, here’s a little synopsis.



UPDATE 12/10/21: And lest we forget them: Clinton fatigue is proving harder to eradicate than Rasputin. Contributions to the Clinton Foundation, supposedly a philanthropic monument to Billary’s charitable largesse, have declined precipitously to no one’s surprise since Madam Secretary’s political influence suddenly evaporated in November, 2020. Can we hope that McAuliffe’s loss in Virginia is the final nail in this family’s political fortunes?  Though Foundation income is 100% less than when her influence futures were hot, millions are still coming in, and curious minds want to know, “For what in return?”

Add Bubba’s embarrassing Epstein/Lolita Express connection, this aspiring dynasty appears to be on the fast track to oblivion. As if insisting upon an 11 o’clock number to this operatic farce only she finds meaningfully tragic, the clueless fat lady just sang a tearful dirge of lament to her dead mother about failing to attain the absolute power Mommy’s Little Girl craved. Sympathy seems to be all she can hope judging by this maudlin turn in poor sportsmanship. However, odds are good that even her old “friends” and allies have joined in wishing the two of them would just go away.  


UPDATE 12/10/21: Fauci fatigue could easily settle in and give this little whitecoat phony cover. Instead, let’s keep him front and center for that moment when, like Jussi Smollett, he finds legal justice sinking its sharp teeth into his haughty little haunches.





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