From the archives, one of the most Useful Idiots within baby boomer memory. There has been no leftwing, anti-American, wholly toxic cause for which Johnson’s Attorney General has not been passionate. 104718[1] Our kinda guy. Never met a terrorist he didn’t like: Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, left, shakes hands with Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.   

Hate America? Hate the West? Ramsey's your guy.
Like flies to…

Muslim terrorist? Hate America? Loathe western civilization? Want to kill a few Anglos and Jews? Call Ramsey at 1-800-Not-Limited-To- Communist-Tyrants-And-Cutthroats (extra long international number). Busy, busy, busy. Wherever people might hate the West and Western ways, our Ramsey is Johnny-On-The-Spot to provide encouragement and legal assistance. cover[1] No benign victim of American imperialist aggression escapes his sympathy and active support.

Too predictable.
Too predictable.

A perfect, heart-tugging photo-op for someone who doesn’t so much love the poor as he hates the rich, white America in particular. Whatever the story is here for this obviously wretched man, be certain: it’s America’s fault. Ramsey_Clark_in_Nandigram[1]

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