Linda Sarsour, Sharia Sweetheart of the New Left Rodeo

February 18, 2017

UPDATE 3/16/17: Not-so-sweet Sarsour decrees Jews can’t be feminists. Any word on that from what were undoubtedly thousands of Jewish PussyHatters?

Among the many questionable “benefits” of the yowling PussyHat Parade is bringing to prominence one of its principal organizers, Linda Sarsour. The NY Times flatteringly refers to her as “a Brooklyn homegirl in a hajib…a woman in a hurry” when she is simply Elizabeth Warren in a burqua, another rabid female gerbil on speed, viciously chewing her way through  the roots of every worthwhile social convention in hopes of fomenting revolution. There is no poisonous element in modern politics that she doesn’t guzzle like a dehydrated vampire and regurgitate on anyone within spitting distance. She is the incarnation of the Leftist madness that makes so-called “feminists” embrace and celebrate Islamic Sharia while cursing anything prefaced by the word “American,” “Israeli,” or “Western.” “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” goes their perverse logic.


As always with the Left, certain women are not welcome in the sisterhood, specifically those not into the Sharia/Marxist program. Sure sounds like a girl campaigning to be Sharia’s Head Dominatrix.


Just in case one might question the motives of a Marxist Muslim “feminist” who lives to stoke the rage of the bored and brain dead.


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