UPDATE 12/27/22: Charlatan “scientist” Neil DeGrasse Tyson already has his own MA Hall of Shame post and, now with his child-hating Tweets ruining Christmas for any youngsters unfortunate enough to read him, has attained Ugly Grinch Weed Status in America’s Garden of Freedom. He joins all those who make a self-aggrandizing point of hating Christmas and Santa Claus.

ORIGINAL POST 6/16/15: Wise-ass Mr. SmartyPants Neil Degrasse Tyson: politically correct, Bush-bashing, Global Warming propagandist, snide anti-religionist and popular bubble-gummer TV scientist. What Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have been to The News for a certain mental demographic, Tyson fills the bill for Science, all decidedly Left-leaning, snarky and brimming over with contempt for anything contrary. Sadly for Tyson and his apologists, the free flow of information in this Internet Age undercuts the infallibility of dishonest, self-styled prophets like Dr. T.


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