Maxine Waters

UPDATE 6/27/18: One of the  more zealous & vocal of Trump haters, MadMax now counseling the rabble to publicly harass anyone connected to the Trump administration (“Cause a crowd!!”). And keeping her impoverished constituency right where they are to continue making her rich and saleable to the highest bidder.  But no harm intended.

UPDATE 11/1/17: Named to Women Of The Year list by Glamour Magazine…….O….kay.

One of the loudest, most obnoxious and most crooked members of the Black Grievance Industry.

And sometimes that Big Mouth accidentally spills the big beans. Her friends are amused.

You don’t think a classy dame like Maxine and her brood are going to be living in a place like LA’s 43, do you? Like they say, don’t eat where you…er…you know the rest.


Like all good Socialists, Maxine and hubby feel they’re entitled to a few luxuries and like stepping out with the fast & famous even if everyone else should do without.

Socializing with Magic Johnson, the kind of socializing that's just fun and doesn't cost HER anything.
Socializing with Magic Johnson, and like that other kind of Socializing, it’s all fun and doesn’t cost HER anything.