UPDATE 10/31/13: Hot-seated Mme. Commissar Sebelius’ “apology” to the American people who “deserve better” is simply Mme. Defarge lamenting that the guillotines don’t work. “We’ll be chopping off your heads in no time flat,” explains the chief executioner of the deadly ObamaCare which outlaws the healthcare insurance policies of millions, forcing them into Sebelius/ObamaCare policies, rationing & controlling what healthcare coverage (if any) an individual may have, who supplies that healthcare, and when it’s supplied (if ever). Not to mention the millions of businesses & their employees robbed of both healthcare coverage and employment income because of ObamaCare’s Draconian controls over private business. More Paradise on Earth, brought to you courtesy of the nice people at Socialism Central.

A charter member of Obama’s Culture of Corruption, HHS Commissar Sebelius is not known as Kathleen The Terrible for nothing. Throw in her documented history of protecting Gosnell clone Tiller The Baby Killer, the former Kansas governor seems to be the perfect Big Nurse, She Who Must Be Obeyed when implementing the most repressive legislation ever forced down the collective American throat. Running afoul of the law to carry out her political ends seems to come as easily as pretending ObamaCare is “Affordable.” Announcing “the private market is in a death spiral” is an excellent start for someone hired to replace the bounty of free American enterprise with asphyxiating iron-fisted State control of our economy.

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