UPDATE 2/25/17: Still Jesse Sr.’s little boy on the take: 138K annually for “workers’ comp”, “disability” and doing precisely nothing. And they ask how shysters like the Jacksons and Sharptons and other titans of the Black Grievance industry live so well.

UPDATE (5/7/13): An important character witness comes forward on Jesse Jr.’s behalf: he’s the highlight of our karaoke nights.”

The wages of nepotism, movin’ on up the easy way, then crashing & burning the way most people do when it’s all been handed to them, too much, too fast and for no other reason than you’ve got a famous name. A pitiful poster boy for the corruption of entitlement. By divine rights, he coulda been a contendah and a Mob elder in Chicago…except he’s Fredo, not Michael. Fredo went to sleep with the fishes for talking too much, and Jesse Jr. is “exhausted,” the modern euphemism for being taken out of the picture and put into permanent rehab.

Equally spoiled wife, tats for street cred, and “that name.”
We are Fam-i-ly! jessejacksonjr[1]jessejacksonblackpower[1] Heart-tugging problems, the poignant dilemma of confusing bulging campaign coffers with one’s personal bank account. A common problem among Chicago-oriented politicians.

Just exhausted and wanting to spend more time with his family.
Just exhausted and wanting to spend more time with his family.


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