Bill Richardson-
Former NM Governor & Commerce Secretary

January 17, 2013

UPDATE (5/7/13): Trying desperately to keep the cameras around, Bill decides that unstoppable Conservative standard bearer Ted Cruz, son of a Cuban immigrant, isn’t  Hispanic! “What good,” Progressive Democrat Bill is unintentionally explaining(not asking), “is being a member of a ‘minority in need’ when you don’t need  Leftist mafiosi like me and won’t give up your lives to our control and lies?”

Hyper hustler Bill Richardson and sinister Google Guy Eric Schmidt choose hospitable North Korea for their latest random Act of Kindness. What Bill brings back is the heartening news of “happier” Norks despite “lacking in basic needs like food and fuel.” Oh, and a little unpleasantness having to do with gulags.

Political hustlers and crony capitalists always go where there’s opportunity: poor enslaved, dependent populations, a handful of tyrants overseeing that permanent poverty.

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Former NM Governor & Commerce Secretary

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