UPDATE 3/11/13: In case there is any doubt about this organization’s subversive sympathies and intentions, check out their gracious willingness to host a celebration of Hugo Chavez’s recently truncated life in their NY offices

UPDATE 12/18/12: Forced unionization and dues skimming of home care workers by SEIU meets its timely end.

Our Union Label President can lean heavily on greedy, super-rich management, extort vast financial reparations and other benefits for the union coffers.  That’s the Alinsky Way, the Chicago Way, the Obama Way. No great stretch to connect the dots between our President and this particular thuggish cudgel.

Obama ally SEIU makes sure the disruptive Occupy Movement has a home by paying their rent in DC. Crooked, leftwing Presidents need unions like SEIU and “community organizers” like ACORN to recruit, train lots & lots of mindless bodies to block streets, create chaos, force businesses into shakedown mode, scare the public into meeting any and every ridiculous demand presented, most importantly, gather great bundles of votes. An election is coming up, and who better to intimidate whole neighborhoods, workplaces, and other voting bloc locales than the noble “unions” and “Community Organizers.” In return….

Union Thugs[1]

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer terms Obama “President of the SEIU.” Think of the profits to be reaped for the unions from uncontrolled masses of illegals pouring into the work force. For Obama, a whole new, burgeoning, owned voting bloc.

SEIU Thugs For Obama[1]

Remember Michelle Pfeiffer’s little problem futilely trying to run away from her dead husband’s Mafia Family in “Married To The Mob?” Deja vu all over again with these people just waking up to what union membership really means: “This is like a bad divorce. We want a divorce and the SEIU doesn’t want us to divorce.”

More on the many sharp surfaces of Union Thugocracy.


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