John Lewis. Something lost in transition.
John Lewis. Something lost in transition.

UPDATE 1/15/17: Joining the howling anti-Trump jackal rabble, Lewis proves himself to be just another Lefty pol distraught over a shifting status quo that will leave him with fewer desperate people to exploit. After all, Trump’s success will only make him, the Als, the Jesses, the Baracks and all the community agitator Mafia obsolete.

Authentic veteran of 60’s Civil Rights fight. Sadly, now evolved into just another elected rank-and-file government trough proponent in permanent raid mode on the U.S. Treasury. Always seeking new constituents for his largesse, it’s logical he’s big on unrestrained, Open Door immigration policy. All those new Democratic voters ready to be hooked up to the intravenous Federal Entitlement pipeline.

Betrayer of his mentor MLK’s overriding principle of character over color,  somehow lost in transition.



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