Howard Schultz-
The original Latte Liberal

April 2, 2017

Like Dunkin’ Donuts? Done!

UPDATE 6/5/18: Howard’s stepping down from Starbucks, just in time to leave the Open Bathroom policy to someone else and…what else? Oh, ah, perhaps run for President. Perhaps on a platform of Free Coffee for the masses. And the right for everyone and anyone to camp out on your front lawn. Fortunately, or unfortunately, pragmatic Democrats are not so keen on his radical, fiscally impossible agenda.

UPDATE 5/13/18: Open Bathroom Door policy at all Starbucks for the non-paying homeless? Really? Can Schultz actually be a mole for Dunkin’ Donuts? Will that generous invitation extend to the White House comfort stations when Howie is President? And where do they all “go” when all those burnt coffee dispensaries shut down en masse to protest racism…or poverty…or elections that don’t turn out according to plan?

UPDATE 4/21/18: In the aftermath of what appears to be a garden-variety BLM set-up, Starbucks goes over the top and then some as thousands of the over-priced coffee shops plan to close down in one big sweaty, race-baiting, virtue-signaling orgy of educating its White, privileged baristas on the dos and don’ts of racism. And presumably that includes its poor employees “of color” as well. Meanwhile, the coffee still tastes like burnt toast. And perennial Friend To Little Colored People Everywhere (and billionaire) Howard Schultz is probably running for Prez.

UPDATE 9/7/17: Starbucks growth now so sluggish that it is compelled to pander to a less “Progressive” audience. Instead of drawing in the Luvvie crowd teary-eyed over Muslim refugees, the Starbucks “discussion” now has swung completely over: buying super-expensive advertising super-friendly to unemployed Vets on Fox News primetime. Perhaps Howard is about to announce his candidacy.

Howard Schultz: most definitely someone to keep an eye on as the Democrats’ billionaire businessman answer to The Donald. We’re especially tantalized to hear from those in the know that he’s “inherently a more serious person” (as all Liberals inherently are. Ask them.)

This Champagne Socialist (more precisely the ground zero “Latte Liberal“) has just stepped down from his head post at Starbucks  to plan his Presidential run. Naturally, Schultz will be running on his credentials as a Big Business Progressive, preaching all the feelgood stuff about hiring those “refugees” that mean ol’ Donald won’t let in, encouraging “conversations” about racial and income equality…but not quite measuring up in actual practice.

The problem with Progressive paragons of “inclusiveness” like Schultz is that they tend to exclude anyone who isn’t a Progressive aka Hillary’s now-fabled Basket of Deplorables. And at last count there were 63 million of us. We shall be patiently waiting to see what the Dems’ next rich Socialist figurehead has to offer “all of us.”



Surprise! And only 99 cents!

2 Responses to Howard Schultz-
The original Latte Liberal

  1. Carm Catanese on April 3, 2017 at 6:39 am

    The liberal priesthood expands further: university profs, Democratc pols, TV network anchors, secular scientists and now… Starbucks cashiers.

    • Fred on April 3, 2017 at 9:42 am

      What a privilege to be lectured on Race In America while throwing away the better part of a $10 bill on a boutique cup of coffee!

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