Schultz, Howard

Touted as the Dem’s answer to Donald Trump in 2020. Actually, a billionaire collectivist bearing no resemblance to Trump in style or substance, willing to pander to anyone guilty enough to give him a pass on his Latte Liberalism.

Howard Schultz-
The original Latte Liberal

April 2, 2017
Howard Schultz-The original Latte Liberal

UPDATE 1/30/19: Speaking as a successful businessman and to his credit, Schultz punctures the Marxist dream balloons of Free-Stuff-For-Everyone (and resentment/envy/avarice) floating virtually all his rivals for the Dem nomination. “UnAmerican,” he says. Correct. So he’s running as an Independent. Or so he says. Unfortunately, he is constructed as a Liberal Capitalist on a...
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