So much for journalistic impartiality.
So much for journalistic impartiality.

Another money-grubbing power-luster who publicly loathes the rich and deplores inequality. Leftwing operatives like George live to accumulate unimaginable(for most of us) wealth and wield power over as many people as one can possibly “organize” (as in “community organize”).

Boyish George, the “face of ABC”  has clandestinely written some sizeable checks to the Clinton Pay-To-Play Slush Fundation (sic). All the while, this seeker of truth from the Fifth Estate  rakes Clinton critics over the coals with claims of unfair journalistic treatment! A joke? Irony? Politics as usual? Actually, just garden variety dishonesty going back decades.

Not that there’s anything wrong with dishonesty!  Everybody’s doin’ it! The shameless Clintons remain the glowing stars in the Democratic Party firmament! How low is too low? How corrupt is disqualifiably corrupt? How treasonous (Russian uranium) or exploitive (Haiti) do these people have to be  before the Democratic Establishment is compelled to pull back and say, “This is one too many”? So long as blindly loyal Democrats remain committed to ABAR (Anyone But A Republican), the Boyish George foot soldiers will continue to faithfully serve the Party.

Hey, old friend! Who's better than you?!
Slick Willie & Boyish George: old friends are the best!

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