Dick Durbin, weasel.

There are other more colorful words besides “jerk” and “hypocrite” to describe Congressman and chronic liar Dick Durbin, but they’ll do fine. Dick’s latest bit of habitual subversion involves telling teacher that Donald used one of those naughty words to describe rundown, corrupt countries like Haiti and Nigeria. With effective stunning accuracy, by the way. Blowing up the chronic obfuscation of the whole immigration issue. So much for the race-baiting hypocrites. Like Dick Durbin.

Alas, no brownie points for Dickie on this one. But stirring the pot has been his own particular slimy Chicago Way for a long, long time. Like so many of his Party, there is no enemy of America that he won’t praise or advocate. And while being another one of those fake whistleblowers on corruption, there’s no lie or personal corruption he isn’t willing to utilize for his own political gain.

In the context of discussing the Right Honorable Eminence from Illinois, Dick is a very dirty word.


2 Replies to “Dick Durbin. Speaking of bad words…”

  1. A vivid reminder of the kind of the mendacious political hacks that breed in droves in single-party politics like Illinois

    1. That place is, politically, like a human petri dish. It’s abbreviation, “Ill.”, is very apt. But Chicago has great pizza and beautiful buildings!

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