UPDATE 6/16/23: Most Leftist journalists like Christiane Amanpour can charitably be categorized as Useful Idiots, cheering on the devil’s work rather than getting their hands dirty doing things like planting a bomb on a school bus carrying Israeli children. No, the perverse role of Amanpour and her ilk is routinely writing screeds lambasting the good while celebrating evil, garnering cheers and lucrative careers in the bargain.  In Amanpour’s case, she has recently called the wanton murder of 3 Israeli family members on holiday a “shoot-out,” implying the wholly innocent victims got as good as they gave. Moral equivalence of Israel and “Palestinians.” Like sending birthday greetings to Zimbabwe cannibal Robert Mugabe followed up by swift backpedaling, she has issued a very quiet apology for this little oversight. Oops! There. All better. With the efforts of an outraged Alan Dershowitz and others sick of her (and CNN’s) history of lies, may she and her equally amoral CNN employer find some decidedly unglamorous accountability in court.


ORIGINAL POST 2/22/13: The living, breathing evidence of how a snooty British schoolgirl accent doesn’t necessarily exempt a so-called “serious journalist” from sounding, time after time, like a royal twit! First a jolly Happy Birthday tweet to Zimbabwe barbarian Robert Mugabe, then a whoopsie little backpedal. Have a tyrannical Stalinist regime in your hemisphere that needs some MSM whitewashing? Try Christiane interviewing Fidel Castro’s niece.

Talk about a romanza Cubana! My goodness, such wonderful dynamic “demographic changes” among the young ‘uns in Cuba!!!

You might also try “Christiane Amanpour” and “silly” on your favorite search engine and behold the results. An updated version of Roseann Roseannadanna (Half Iranian!!!!, half British), the “distinguished” Ms. Amanpour leaves her heart (and less money) at CNN tearily bound for ABC and way bigger bucks. There she repeatedly surpasses herself with seemingly unsurpassable twaddle.  Unsurprisingly, that junket ends abruptly. Where is our intrepid journalist now!?  Back at her beloved CNN, still laughably pretending to be an unbiased journalist while damning the West, celebrating Islam, consistently cheerleading the standard Leftist line with carefully pursed lips and a steady gaze. Sooner or later, this Nellie Bly wannabe will be spending more quality time with her family as is the wont of involuntarily retired “journalists” and shamed politicians.

Hard Hitting, Hard-Working, Air-Kissing “journalist” hits up celebrities, carrying forth the “journalistic” cause of truth, justice and hobnobbing with the Right People, even deigning to meet with Oprah for a Hard-Hitting 11 page tongue bath. As Oprah gushes, “… the calm in the middle of one international storm after another…I saw that reporting isn’t a job for her, it’s a mission.”

The perfect coif, the spotless designer safari jacket, the bomb-shelled bunker backdrop: sober evocations of Ernest Hemingway, Martha Gelhorn, Dorothy Thompson, Ernie Pyle, Giorgio Armani…

War-torn Correspondent chic.
The Compleat War Correspondent

Hard-Hitting, Hard-Working Working Girl, bedazzled by and Having It All! [Cue up “Mary Tyler Moore Show” theme song.]

The simple, unpretentious trappings of success. But don’t get the wrong  idea: “People think I relax with a Kalashnikov-I don’t.”  We don’t believe a word of it. Of course you do!

Having It All! "And this morning I tweeted birthday greetings to a mass murderer!"
Having It All! Doing It All!  “And this morning I tweeted birthday greetings to a mass murderer!”


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