Obama, Barack

Red diaper baby of indeterminate birthplace and background, Alinsky-schooled Chicago community organizer/ extortionist/public funds grifter, longtime acolyte of both white & black leftwing radicals/revolutionaries, recruited/groomed/manufactured to be Trojan Horse to front federal government Socialist takeover of the American free market economy. Minus his teleprompter and those operating it: neither bright, talented nor interesting.

Cornel West

November 3, 2012
Cornel West

Cornel West, jolly contributer to the general gaiety of nations and his own bank account. Current going rate for the privilege of being race-baited, condemned, spat on, insulted, threatened and guilt-tripped by the engaging Dr. CW, Ph.D? Only  $25,000-40,000! What a bargain! The lowdown on Mr. Shakedown, Princeton U chapter. Not one incendiary, profitable, heavily publicized “cause” or happening escapes his...
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