Beyoncé & Jay-Z

August 16, 2015

UPDATE 2/8/16: The Pop Princess steps up her Radical Chic creds by doing a Black Panther Thang at the Super Bowl with her hot-leathered, black-bereted chorines. Remember when the Black Panthers were just a bunch of street thugs & killers masquerading as political activists?

Just the hairdresser fees for this Radical Chic romp would feed a blockful of hungry people for a month...but that's missing the point, isn't it?

Just the costume/hairdresser outlay for this Radical Chic romp would feed a couple blocksful of hungry people for a month…or provide seed money for a new business in a poor Black neighborhood…or someone’s tuition…but that would be missing the point, wouldn’t it?

Reminiscent of BO’s proposed Civilian Army of aimless young Blacks programmed to march in formation, spew Their Beloved Leader’s propaganda…and go nowhere in their lives except perhaps to flipping burgers or, more likely, prison. Or their graves. These are the future Michael Browns and Freddy Grays, ready to report for duty as screaming, brick-throwing extras in the next staged Ferguson! or Baltimore!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z marching in solidarity with the charred ruins of Ferguson and Baltimore.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z marching in solidarity with the charred ruins of Ferguson and Baltimore…from a distance.

The lawlessness of Black youth destroying themselves and their communities is of little concern to those comfortable with the narrative put forth by corrupt Black leadership and their agit-prop stooges like Black Lives Matter. Joining the howl, even subsidizing and legitimizing it from afar, are deep-pocketed radical chic fools like Beyoncé and Jay-Z. A Web search for the many businesses and real jobs created in Black communities by Beyoncé/Jay-Z’s “share-the-wealth” largesse yields…some Goodwill Industries “awareness building” materials in her concert tour goody bags!  (Goodwill itself a bit questionable!) But fast bail cash for street criminals? You got it! In minutes!!

A bargain at $312,000. And an excellent lesson in values for Beyoncé's young Black fans in the 'hood

A bargain at $312,000. And an excellent lesson in values for Beyoncé’s young Black fans in the ‘hood.

Happily ensconced in their wildly overindulged bubble of celebrity these “role models” (Barack & Michelle’s chosen one for their own daughters) don’t have to suffer the heinous consequences of any of it. Like you’ve heard, in show biz there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

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