UPDATE 2/23/23: For those of us old enough to have lived through his disastrous Presidency, Jimmy Carter’s signature toothy grin and cloying faux-Christian piety always evoked Biblical warnings of wickedness hiding behind that too-big smile. “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” (Matthew 7:15). Shakespeare knew this sort of character well: “One may smile, and smile and still be a villain.”   (‘Hamlet’ act 1, sc. 5, l. 105).

Let him be judged in part by those monster tyrants he admired in this life-Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat, Hugo Chavez and…

The Carter years were mercifully ended by his betrayal of the Western-minded Persian Shah, emboldening radical Islam that led directly to 9/11 and Iranian nuclear capability. This brilliant international diplomacy has provided a Middle East road map for his Democrat successors Clinton, Obama and now Biden. Israel and Jewry in general discovered in him (and his successors) unrepentant foes which he has always considered one of his many high virtues. This is/was an unabashed antisemite, but, we are repeatedly assured, a “decent” one.

 Not even hiding it. Palestine goodness vs. Israel “apartheid.”

Jimmah would leave office in disgrace but thanks to the moral vacuity of modern liberals, he would be accorded the honor of playing Great Elder Statesman, using that platform consistently to cheer on America’s worst enemies. Now that he’s dying, the usual fools are still falling all over themselves heaping lavish praise upon him or, as the record shows, not on him but upon the false image of a “good Christian” cynically parlayed into power and undeserved worldwide admiration. He will be missed only by those blind enough to fall for an age-old con: a malevolent, self-centered fraud successfully passing himself off as a saint.


ORIGINAL POST 12/10/16: As the bizarre Obama episode in our political history comes to an end, one hails back to the harrowing Jimmy Carter years and the nostalgic relief experienced at his political demise. Where the Clintons have been driven by power lust, Carter and Obama are animated almost entirely by their loathing of America and a persistent desire to undermine our friends and exalt our enemies. Carter has spent his entire post-Presidency (and don’t forget his presidency) doggedly wandering the globe, certifying, legitimizing, even praising any regime or individual intent on destroying us, and one suspects Obama will do the same. The two of them remain neck and neck for the title of WPE (Worst POTUS Ever), each in his own special way.










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