UPDATE 9/15/21: It’s wise to be skeptical about much that is reported nowadays, but after viewing the widely circulated callous discussions on videotape by Planned Parenthood and other professional abortion marketers, anything is possible. A recent report from Judicial Watch details the purchase of aborted babies’ internal organs and heads for “humanized mice” research within the Obama administration HHS  Department.

UPDATE 7/21/21: The legal Kafkaesque nightmares escalate for the young man who dared expose Planned Parenthood’s Infanticide For Profit scheme.

ORIGINAL POST 7/18/15: Dr. Deborah Nucatola: the hands and face and mind of Planned Parenthood and the profitable abortion industry. Forget about “a woman’s right to choose.” This is about money. Naturally enough, an active abortion activist with close ties to a number of higher-ups in the Obama administration.

Most disturbing: this is a young American graduate of medical school. Isn’t the basic tenet of the  Hippocratic Oath “First do no harm?”