Whitmer, Gretchen

Governor of Michigan, nationally visible now as CoronaCrazed totalitarian Nurse Wretched of Democratic politics. Tone-deaf, tin-eared, ice-cold: a perfect Hilllaryesque figure to brighten up Joe’s Dem 2020 ticket.

Gretchen “Nurse Wretched” Whitmer, CoronaCrazed Mafia Moll

April 19, 2020
Gretchen “Nurse Wretched” Whitmer, CoronaCrazed Mafia Moll

UPDATE 5/23/20: What is it with Michigan and its choice of leaders? Michiganders replaced the fiscal fiasco of Jennifer Granholm’s tenure as governor with Nurse Wretched. In addition to torturing old barbers and free-thinking Wolverine Staters in general, she’s jumped with both cloven hooves onto the mail-in ballot wagon, drawing the attention and threats...
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