John Roberts

September 19, 2015

John Roberts, SCOTUS Chief Justice, has succumbed to the pressures of being a fish in a barrel: a highly visible [spineless] Conservative in a Radical/Progressive environment. The levels to which the Left will go to destroy any opposition to their agenda are limitless, and Roberts undoubtedly had this danger in mind when voting twice to save Obamacare.

"Now they'll like us better!" Note Scalia's amiable, clenched left fist.

“See! Now they like us better!” Note Scalia’s amiable, agreeable (clenched) left fist.

It’s that old advantage the Left has over the Right: the latter feels some obligation to be fair, play by the rules. The former feels no such obligation, any means justifying their ends. It takes real courage to be a Conservative, and history will remember Roberts as one of those who lacked the fiber and grit to withstand the inevitable assault from the Progressive Left.


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