Brian Williams

November 9, 2012

The sniveling Brian Williams gets the honor of being the first new Michelle-Antoinette to join the Mob since the Socialized half of the American voting public gave us four more dreadful years of Obama Magic. Quoth Monsieur Williams: It’s time to shut down Conservative media voices that he doesn’t like. Hitler’s Goebbels couldn’t have expressed it more eloquently. His long history of blatant Liberal bias should have garnered him an original place among Michelle-Antoinette’s first entries, but it’s never too late to expose another prominent Obama lapdog in the media. Cool, with-it dude, in sympathy to Occupy Wall Street despite membership among the 1%’ers with a modest annual salary of $10-12 milion and an estimated net worth of $30 million.

Low enough, my liege?

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