UPDATE 1/9/18: Now a dark-side target of the #MeToo Vengeance Brigade, the RapCrap King graciously decides to lay low and hope things blow over. Or, as he graciously says,”…it’s a time to let women speak.”

A curious hybrid of crony capitalist, black radical leftist, grand scale corporate pusher of poisonous rap, cynical Occu-Pod subversive. And the downright Pollyannaish author of…


For Russell Simmons, “having it all” means pushing lawlessness and a sense of entitlement among the young and making it pay for him. Like Michael Moore and other professional anti-capitalist Capitalists, Russell Simmons is a role model for making subversion both fun and profitable.

Russell piously slums among the brainless unwashed. They also buy rap records and go to concerts.
Russell piously slums among the brainless unwashed OccuPods. They also buy his company’s Rap music and go to concerts that he promotes.

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