Russell Simmons

November 1, 2012

UPDATE 1/9/18: Now a dark-side target of the #MeToo Vengeance Brigade, the RapCrap King graciously decides to lay low and hope things blow over. Or, as he graciously says,”…it’s a time to let women speak.”

A curious hybrid of crony capitalist, black radical leftist, grand scale corporate pusher of poisonous rap, cynical Occu-Pod subversive. And the downright Pollyannaish author of…


For Russell Simmons, “having it all” means pushing lawlessness and a sense of entitlement among the young and making it pay for him. Like Michael Moore and other professional anti-capitalist Capitalists, Russell Simmons is a role model for making subversion both fun and profitable.

Russell piously slums among the brainless unwashed. They also buy rap records and go to concerts.

Russell piously slums among the brainless unwashed OccuPods. They also buy his company’s Rap music and go to concerts that he promotes.

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  2. Mass Incarceration | Dittoville on October 4, 2015 at 3:50 am

    […] Echoing Hillary’s pandering comments about “mass incarceration,” a Progressive/Liberal/Leftist friend sadly sighs “we must have jobs” to solve the problem of overflowing prisons.  Where does a job come from, I ask? Missing nary a beat, the serious topic seamlessly lapses into a complaint about the restaurant food she’s eating. Answering the question would require a closer look at where jobs do NOT come from, and that is permanent Welfare culture sapping the life and incentive out of any possible Inner City entrepreneurial/employment opportunities. Therein also lies the genesis of young urban Black criminals weaned on the poison of permanent dependency and the gangsta/drug culture cynically, deliberately peddled to them. […]

  3. […] videos pushed like heroin to the young by multimillionaire media moguls (and Obama cronies) like Russell Simmons. Subsequent investigations by the blatantly biased Obama/Holder DOJ into Ferguson and […]

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  5. […] More on Russell Simmons,  music/media mega-mogul, capitalist supreme, proud Obama crony, seen here in this video railing against crony capitalism.  Author of the ironically titled “Super Rich-Having It All” promoted as a how-to manual on making millions for oneself by being the nicest, most “giving” guy on the planet. The money quote for rallying all those mindless young lemmings to the Socialist ideal he shares with the President: “Those who focus on being good servants usually attract the most in the end.” (This from a descendant of slaves). Do it all for The Cause, not for yourself, and you’re guaranteed “Super-Richness” though not the kind that pays off mortgages and buys bean sprouts, Ipads and Nikes. It might, however, score a nice pat on the head and shout-out from your well-heeled, celebrated Beloved Leaders like Piven, Simmons and Obama. […]

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