Well-cushioned Elitist, friend to Black Lives Matter and all those millions of European migrants invading Europe. Those he's taking care of are presumably out of camera range here.
Well-cushioned Elitist, friend to international tyrants, domestic terrorists and all those millions of Middle Eastern migrants invading Europe. Those he’s taking care of personally are presumably out of camera range here.

UPDATE 4/16/18: Millennial Mark, the tyke tycoon wunderkind of social media and global consciousness, appears confused when rhetorically quizzed about his spectacular success and power: “Only in America, right?” An ominous clue to the future of the “Cradle of Liberty” when its youngest and most successful citizens deem it “No big deal.”

UPDATE 2/17/18: Add Vladamir Putin to Zuck’s A-list of tyrant cronies. The outrage over this “Russian collusion” is positively deafening.

Social media wunderkind  & Crony Capitalist Extraordinaire Mark Zuckerberg  goes from bad to PC Ridiculous, prostrating himself before the domestic terrorist group known as Black Lives Matters. He has declared that his very own Facebook employees preferring “All Lives Matter” to the extortionist message of BLM’s racial supremacists are “malicious.” Trumpeting solidarity with the police-hating cabal, Zuckerberg has effectively allied himself with those who have declared that “All Lives” mattering is “racist.” This sympathy for (and identification with) thugs is not  surprising coming from the same person who promised Angela Merkel on a hot mike that he’d do whatever he could to censor bothersome anti-immigration opinion from Facebook. Also, the same person playing kissy face with Chinese tyrants who might, with proper pandering, open up Facebook markets to all those Chinese billions(of dollars, not necessarily people).

UPDATE 1/25/18: Our FB boy is party to Stasi-like tactics of censoring political opponents in Germany. And America. Not to mention, anywhere FB pleases. Cool!

Merkel's Man in the Media.
Merkel’s Man in the Media.

Any prodigy can be forgiven for being young, green and uneasy with prematurely acquired power & riches; but Zuckerberg seems to be a fully formed Progressive Opportunist, unlikely to ever be guided by anything except the most de rigeur notions of El Lay’s race-baiting Oscar snubs and Millionaire Marxist Central at 1600 PA Ave. Crony capitalists by definition go along to get along as they move about acquiring more power & influence in the highest stratospheres of financial and political privilege. Progressive concern for the Little Guy is the thinnest of masks fronting utter contempt for society’s weaker members, the permanently dependent and easily (community) organized “dumb f—ks” (to quote Zuckerberg’s real opinion of those who’ve made him rich).

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