Full Michelle-Antoinette treatment coming soon. Thumbnail sketch in the meantime.

Time for another political makeover & re-invention. This is a girl who goes wherever the power and action are, and it ain’t Obama’s Hollywood any more.

Exotic brunette Hellenic hustler, Oxford scholar and Big Brain groupie,  adventuress, plagiarizing author, fortune hunter, devoted blonde conservative Republican candidate’s wife/mother of 2 from Santa Barbara, divorced (and suddenly very wealthy) auburn Liberal Democratic operative from Belair, author of more books than identity changes, creator of the Internet sensation bearing her name, attracting every silly celebrity who wanted to be Taken Seriously in print, in turn attracting thousands of hoi polloi [that’s Greek!] and millions of Daily Hits which starts with D and that rhymes with B which stands for Bucks, Big Bucks (340 million). Not bad for an expensively streaked Little Girl from Little Rock [or wherever she comes from].

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