Samantha Power, UN Israel Hater

December 20, 2015

Garden-variety Ivy League Leftist Samantha Power has proven to be an ideal Obama lackey in her capacity as his appointed UN Ambassador. Like her boss, she is fundamentally driven by hatred for Israel and America and sympathetic toward any movement, regime or policy which would effectively undermine and destroy them. In her world view, America and Israel are not exceptional, proven beacons of light and freedom but rather the amoral scourge of modern life, the source of all the world’s ills. And like her sinister husband, former Obama Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein, Power is one of those ivory tower intellectuals  prescribing One World rule under (self-designated)morally and intellectually superior Master Planners like herself.

Unfortunately, the Obama/Power prescription of downgrading the American/Israeli presence on the world stage  has only led to an explosion of the genocide and unchecked savagery these Leftists claim to deplore. Loss of Iraq to ISIS for instance. Syrian genocide for another. The slaughter of Christians throughout the Middle East.

America-haters like Power have much to answer for, but don’t expect any apology from them…as they have demanded from America and Israel for simply existing.

Our Dragon Lady at the UN.

Our deranged UN Dragon Lady eager to get those bony fingers into your life.

2 Responses to Samantha Power, UN Israel Hater

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