Schultz, Howard

Touted as the Dem’s answer to Donald Trump in 2020. Actually, a billionaire collectivist bearing no resemblance to Trump in style or substance, willing to pander to anyone guilty enough to give him a pass on his Latte Liberalism.

Howard Schultz-
The original Latte Liberal

April 2, 2017
Howard Schultz-The original Latte Liberal

UPDATE 9/7/17: Starbucks growth now so sluggish that it is compelled to pander to a less “Progressive” audience. Instead of drawing in the Luvvie crowd teary-eyed over Muslim refugees, the Starbucks “discussion” now has swung completely over: buying super-expensive advertising super-friendly to unemployed Vets on Fox News primetime. Perhaps Howard is about to announce his candidacy. Howard Schultz: most...
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