Jim Kenney, Philadelphia Mayor, this week’s Poster Boy Queen of DeNial

January 12, 2016

Third-tier pol, clueless Cleopatra, Queen of DeNial. Philly’s Mayor Jim Kenney takes his place here as the latest and most ridiculous poster boy for elected officials at odds with life-and-death reality. Placidly afloat on his barge, his reliably useless head stuck firmly up where the moon don’t shine, Kenney is Philly’s shameful version of America’s & Europe’s most prominent leaders, repeatedly telling us there’s no Islamic monster in the room. The good news is that The People get it and are crying out for a focused defender in a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz who have no problem identifying The Problem. A good development but the toll getting to the solution will be bloody and prolonged.

On the contrary: he, Barack and the rest don't get it at all.

On the contrary.


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