Pelosi, Nancy

Speaker of the House, 2008-2010, mastermind/strong arm tactician/overseeress of ObamaCare. Cafeteria Catholic, female impersonator. Born to represent San Francisco in Congress. Socialist daughter of corrupt Italian politician, socialist wife of rich Italian capitalist, socialist mother of 5, socialist grandmother of . Friend or at least friendly to anyone who does it Her Way.

Nancy Pelosi: Estrogen Edsel, Unsexed Political Robot

June 25, 2017
Nancy Pelosi: Estrogen Edsel, Unsexed Political Robot

UPDATE 2/15/18: As a matter of Democratic Party policy, Mme. Speaker has dispensed with MLK’s noble wish for an America that counts character entirely over skin color. Such sentiments are impractical when you want lots of illegal immigrants added to the Dem Party voting rolls. Sadistically inflicting 8 hours of her drivel on anyone...
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